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Piotr Michnikowski
: sculptor,
born in Warsaw in 1960.

In 1985, Piotr Michnikowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under the auspices of prof. Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz, with a Diploma in Sculpture. Piotr’s skill is of wide range, and includes: small forms in bronze, ceramics (mainly used to create sculptures with Raku technique), supplementary use of toreutics and woodwork, as well as construction of musical instruments and creation of abstract 3D entities, sometimes installations, using a variety of materials.

The concept of his works is ostensibly various, from figurative and animalistic, through abstract mechanic objects and instruments, to strictly applied art. Yet, his work carries a dominating theme of reflection upon existence and contemplation of the inner life of human. One of Piotr’s unique projects is a series of ceramic works, in which he uses ceramic lustre of his own recipe. Currently, a series of sculptures based on the same experiences is being created.

“... I work on a multitude of levels, on the border of various techniques and arts. I am mainly interested in in-depth feeling and non-verbal reflection, remaining in the sphere of rational analysis inaccessible, but vividly present: the one in which man can only find himself, but cannot create it. I am interested in all aspects of human existence as an extraordinary fact. No I am interested in art neither in provocation nor in opposing anything. Instead for this I prefer searching for universal references and inner peace. "

Selected individual exhibitions:

  • 1992 – Hanover – ‘Haus am See’
  • 1995 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Ceramics vs Sculpture’
  • 1996 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Ceramics and Colour’ 
  • 1996 – District Cultural Centre, Warsaw, Praga-Południe – ‘Ceramics and Sound’ 
  • 2000 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Painting and Sculpture’
  • 2000 – BORKA – a Sentimental Place gallery, Warsaw – Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition 
  • 2001 – BRAMA gallery in Warsaw – ‘Lustre Paintings Big and Small’
  • 2001 – Zapiecek Gallery – Sculpture 
  • 2002 – Poniatówka w Błoniu Gallery
  • 2003 – Sybase, Warsaw – exhibition 
  • 2003 – Zakrzów, Poland – ‘Variations on Horse Themes’
  • 2005 – Zapiecek Gallery – ‘Sculpture with Music’ 
  • 2017 – Za Regałami gallery, Leszno, Poland – Sculpture and painting exhibition

Group exhibitions:

  • 1994 – CRP, Orońsko, Poland – Ceramics: Structures, Meanings 
  • 1996 – AKTYN Business Center, Warsaw
  • 2004 – Zakrzów, Poland – Horse Workshops 
  • 2005 – DAP gallery, Warsaw – ‘Twenty Years Later’
  • 2019 – PLEXUS,  Imaginarium Gallery, Lodz.