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Piotr Michnikowski
: Artist, sculptor, musician, poet. Born in Warsaw in 1960.

In 1985, Piotr Michnikowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, under the auspices of prof. Jerzy Januszkiewicz, with a Diploma in Sculpture. Piotr’s skill is of wide range, and includes: small forms in bronze, ceramics (mainly used to create sculptures with Raku technique), supplementary use of toreutics and woodwork, as well as construction of musical instruments and creation of abstract 3D entities, sometimes installations, using a variety of materials. Piotr Michnikowski experiments with sounds and music, hosting his authorial programme, Muzare, about finding connections between sculpture and music. The concept of his works is ostensibly various, from figurative and animalistic, through abstract mechanic objects and instruments, to strictly applied art. Yet, his work carries a dominating theme of reflection upon existence and contemplation of the inner life of human. One of Piotr’s unique projects is a series of ceramic works, in which he uses ceramic lustre of his own recipe.  Piotr Michnikowski has also a versatile ability creating statuettes and medals, many of which are used at the following film festivals:

  • The Pola Negri Award – Los Angeles Polish Film Festival
  • The Warsaw Phoenix – Jewish Film Festival
  • Polish Film Institute Annual awards
  • Polish Radio Theatre Medal – cultural merit award
  • The Sybilla award – awarded annually by Sybase-Polska
  • The Lewada Art Cup – horseriding awards

Reflection and musing over the essence of human existence are conveyed in Piotr’s entire work: ‘… My work is diverse, I use various techniques and arts. My main fascination is with deeper emotion and nonverbal reflection, which remain elusive to reasoning, yet are vividly present. Something we can merely embrace, but never create. I have a great interest in all aspects of society. I feel we are all connected spiritually, not only as humans, but as residents of this world we are given to live in here and now. This is why I remain puzzled and saddened by any acts of aggression, exclusion or environmental damage, all too common today. At the same time, I have no interest in expressing myself artistically with controversy or rebellion. I find balance in my quest of universal beauty and inner peace, with only an occasional hint of provocative reflection…’

Selected individual exhibitions:

  • 2001 – BRAMA gallery in Warsaw – ‘Lustre Paintings Big and Small’
  • 2003 – Zakrzów, Poland – ‘Variations on Horse Matters’
  • 1992 – Hanover – ‘Haus am See’
  • 1995 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Ceramics vs Sculpture’
  • 1996 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Ceramics and Colour’ 
  • 1996 – District Cultural Centre, Warsaw, Praga-Południe – ‘Ceramics and Sound’ 
  • 2000 – BRAMA gallery, Warsaw – ‘Painting and Sculpture’
  • 2000 – BORKA – a Sentimental Place gallery, Warsaw – Sculpture and Ceramics Exhibition 
  • 2001 – Zapiecek Gallery – Sculpture 
  • 2002 – Poniatówka w Błoniu Gallery
  • 2003 – Sybase, Warsaw – exhibition 
  • 2005 – Zapiecek Gallery – ‘Sculpture with Music’ 
  • 2007 – Raku ceramics exhibition during Polish Female Equestrian Championship 
  • 2017 – Za Regałami gallery, Leszno, Poland – Sculpture and painting exhibition

Group exhibitions:

  •  1994 – CRP, Orońsko, Poland – Ceramics: Structures, Meanings 
  •  1996 – AKTYN Business Center, Warsaw
  •  2004 – Zakrzów, Poland – Horse Workshops 
  •  2005 – DAP gallery, Warsaw – ‘Twenty Years Later’
  • 2019 – PLEXUS, galeria Imaginarium w Łodzi.

I graduated from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 1985, the SCULPTURE department. Since then I have participated in many exhibitions, mainly individual ones, I deal with almost exclusively artistic work. I am interested in many fields and topics, also many techniques. One of the favorites is RAKU ceramics, which I recently use mainly to create my paintings. But technology is always just a way to reach a goal, which is a concrete, non-verbal message. I always try to extract the characteristic features of matter to tell something not only about the beauty of form or color, but above all about the beauty of the beholder. I do not want to provoke or discover something completely new with my art. Rather, I want to introduce into reverie, cause an emotional resonance and mildly recall something very basic, so that we are all human.

In addition to artistic creativity, I also deal with music and the relationships of sound and spatial form. Sometimes it goes in the direction of building sculptures and instruments, and sometimes writing and performing songs. That is why, among other works, you will also find on this page an original CD and some weird musical instruments.

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