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The GALLERY presents the latest achievements - I do my best to keep it updated. Works can be ordered online, although, despite the current situation, I prefer direct transactions. Photography can never fully reflect either the form or the color of a sculpture, especially in the case of reliefs painted with glazes. However, if someone is determined to buy or order, please contact me by e-mail. Either through the CONTACT tab, or directly on the page of a choosen work. Each transaction is treated individually, therefore we do not sell online. You can also contact my impresario Basia by phone - the phone number is also given in the CONTACT tab.

The website was written by me based on the free version of the Quick.Cart system, modified and improved for the purposes of art presentation and cataloging. It turned out to be very easy to use and very flexible when it comes to visual modification. That is why I recommend and help artists who would like to use it.